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Goal setting is an art, as said by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine. I couldn’t
have agreed more. It is much more than a New Years resolution.  I am learning
better the process of setting goals. One of the things I’ve learned from the
training and leadership from Take Shape for Life is call Structural Tension. You
must assess where you current are or your current reality. Take an inventory of
where you are and write it down. Then write down where you want to be, or your
goal.   Now, first of all, this allows you to see the big picture or better yet
the truth. Many times we fool ourselves into thinking we are one place, and in
actuality we are another. I am a visual learner and this has help me to
assimilate a lot better. Now, in order to get from current reality to your goal,
what will be the steps involved. List them. First, I will need to do A, B, C and
D. List the steps  realistically. Follow these simple directions to get you where you want to go.

For more Empowerment tips, stay tuned.  Oh, I almost forgot. Check this out!!  

Emma S. Grant




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