Five Tips to Eliminate Your Negative Thoughts and Develop Empowering Ones

Use these five tips to eliminate your negative thoughts and develop empowering ones. Understand that you are the creator of your life. Take action and reclaim a joy-filled life.

label and acknowledge what you see yourself as being or feeling. Perhaps you see yourself as a failure. Bring it to the surface and realize that this is what you are saying about yourself. Now, ask yourself, “Would I allow someone else to call me a failure?” NO, of course you wouldn’t. So, why are you calling yourself one? SO JUST STOP IT! Turn it around today. Speak positive over

a gratitude list of all the many things that you are blessed with…things that you have, things that you are and things that you’ve accomplished in your life. Look around you, and see with not only your eyes but, with your heart and mind. Here are several example to get you thinking: you have good health, you have your family, I have a beautiful apartment or home, you are able to read about
and learn new things, and you have many means of communicating with others (computer, Phone, IPad), and perhaps, you have a job/career. The list can go on and on.

Emma’s Wisdom #1: Buy a journal. In your
gratitude journal, write a list of two-three gratitude a day. Keep this for a year; look back on all the positives in your life. Doesn’t this make you realize all the great things that you are experiencing in your life. These came about because you are smart, you are creative, you are goal-directed and you are a leader. Know that you are a great person, friend, coworker, parent, or daughter/son.

and acknowledge all of your personal attributes, accomplishments and blessings throughout each the day. Say them out loud and think about them in your thoughts, as often as you can throughout the day. An example would be: I am a great friend. I am creative. I accomplish all of my tasks with ease and confident. I am a great leader. I am a great worker. Start speaking strength and empowerment into your life. You are the leader of your family or at your job. Repeat these affirmations with certitude frequently.

some quiet time in your day, in a quiet place, so you can calm your mind, body and spirit. Practice taking slow deep breath… (In through your nose and out through your mouth). This process quiets your thoughts and mind. At night before you go to sleep or in the early morning are excellent times to practice this technique. Repeat the breathing technique as many times as needed until you are more relaxed and you are indeed breathing slower. Now, with closed eyes, visualize where and what you would be doing or accomplishing as a smart and creative person. Visualize all the places you would go and the things you would be doing. How you would feel, look, dress and act. Visualize yourself as an effective parent and leader in your family, on your job, at your church or
in your community. You have courage! Remember, there is no limit to your vision. Success begins in your mind with a dream or a vision.

the gifts of gratitude, empowerment and visualization technique you just received with someone else, perhaps a neighbor, co-worker, or friend. You’ve heard so many times, that giving is like a boomerang, it comes back to you!!  According to the Bible, the more you give, the more will return to you.  Also, according
to Karma, what goes around, comes back around. Make a habit sharing your gifts daily and you will discover the true source of success.


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